Kim Rigden & Associates

911 emergency calls are highly-charged, stressful and frightening – for the caller and the dispatcher. Educating your 911 Dispatchers to be empathetic,  polite, calming and professional will increase call accuracy, efficiency and overall employee wellness.

Introducing Kim Rigden & Associates. Backed by 25 years of practical experience in Paramedic Emergency Services and 911 dispatch centres, Kim Rigden’s tools and resources will transform your basic Emergency Dispatchers into high- performance advanced Emergency Dispatchers. With fresh ideas about Communication Centre training and the welfare of the staff who work there, Kim Rigden will divulge the secrets of top-notch customer service, stress reduction, caller management and quality assurance to ensure each call is handled right the first time.

  • Dispatch Centres in Canada and the United States rely on Kim Rigden & Associates to improve quality standards and overall communication.
  • Engage Kim Ridgen & Associates to thoroughly review your call assessment model and provide recommendations to improve overall communication.
  • In addition to mandatory protocol training, Communication Centre Managers and Emergency Dispatchers advance their skills and expertise through workshop sessions, guest speaker seminars and online learning.

Training your 911 Dispatchers to better understand the psychology of the emergency call will improve your employees’ overall health and welfare, retain employees for longer periods of time, reduce stress and sick leaves, and increase community trust and satisfaction.

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